A Special Gift....FOR ME!

Ohhhh yeah, look at this beauty that is now mine! My birthday is coming up in a little bit and my husband's mom asked him what I wanted. He said the only thing he knew of is a sewing machine. So she went to Sears and bought this for me. Apparently they were on sale this weekend and so I got an early birthday present. Now, my mother-in-law does not buy me big extravagant gifts...but apparently you say sewing machine and she gets excited! (For example: one year for Christmas I received a hand blender -- she couldn't put it together and then couldn't get it back in the box, so she didn't want it. The clearance sticker said $5. I'm not complaining about my Christmas gift, just telling you that this is NOT normal.) My first project on my "big" machine is to make the letters that I showed you a few posts down (that my friend Rachel made). I can't wait to show them to you when they are done.
Happy early birthday to ME!!
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