Unity had a scrapbook sketch challenge this week and I decided to play along. However, my first try was...well...not good. Here's my first attempt.
There was just too much blank space left at the top, but it seemed too busy whenever I tried to add something. So I cut the main part out and put it on some different paper and added a little bit...I still don't love it, but I like it a lot better then the first. 
 So, what do you think? Should I have stuck with the first layout? Or given up and started all over? Or just quit scrapbooking altogether? (Ha! Don't answer that!)
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  1. I think the first one was good! But I LOVE what you did with it, adding the dark background really makes it pop! (sorry after we got fish last night I had a migraine and went to bed right after I got the girls down)

  2. Katy, In all honesty, I like the blank space in the first one, but your second attemt was great too! Great job with the sketch. I was going to attempt it and forgot before I headed out of town... oh well! I hope you win that awesome Unity Scrap Kit!

  3. I think both takes are really cute!! I mean seriously with such a cute picture how can you go wrong!! I always struggle with CAS layouts because of the blank space I just want to keep stamping and embellishing!! I love the dark background with the stitching it really makes the picture stand out. You did the right thing :)

  4. I LOVE the second one!! Good job Katy!! I should try some challenges so I can get some more pages done!!

  5. I think the functionality of both pictures is good. The child should be the center of the attentive detail given the awesomeness of this little God's creation.
    The second one brings up closer the subject and therefore I believe qualifies as the best. This would of course be a biased opinion but yet comes with aged wisdom.


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