1...2...Buckle My Shoe

I made these for my Etsy store and they sold quick! Just thought I'd share them here too. What do you think?
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How About Some Invitations?

Even though I have kind of given up the card making for now, I had a request from a friend to make some baby shower invitations for her. I decided since I had the stuff to do it, I might as well. She wanted a farm animal theme. Pretty much everything on the card was cut with my Silhouette (talk about easy).

Don't you just love the little tush on the back??
The hardest part was my Silhouette wouldn't read my registration marks on any of the cardstock except the yellow. It was weird. I tried manually setting it up, but it wasn't centering it very well. So here's a trick I figured out. I did the printing using a plain white piece of paper. Then I loaded that into the Silhouette and had it read those registration marks. Then I pulled out the white piece of paper and put in the colored cardstock and lined up the registration mark with the cutter. It cut perfectly almost every time. However, it was a pain. So you can see I used a lot of yellow cardstock. :) I tried changing my ink cartridge to a new one, I tried printing the thickest, darkest registration marks that I could, but nothing would work. Anyway, they turned out pretty cute anyway. I plan on making some cupcake flags using the little animals for the party too. I think they will be cute.
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