Just a Little Update

Just thought I'd update you on our moving progress here. It seems to be going along smoothly -- too smooth actually. I'm waiting for something to happen! Most of the house has been packed up. I'm working on the kitchen tonight. Then the bedroom and a few other small things in all the rooms need thrown in boxes. It sure is getting down to the wire! This is how I feel:
(I made this card last year sometime...but it sure is fitting for right now!)

We are wrapping things up here. We've had dinner out with a few different people to say goodbye. Tomorrow is the last Sunday at the church. And Wednesday is the last day for me at work. All the "lasts" here are going to be new "firsts" for us in Wisconsin. And that's exciting! So endings just mean new beginnings...

On a side note...I've set up a twitter account. So if you use twitter, feel free to follow me on there. My username is klt13. 

Hope you're all having a great weekend!

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A Few of My Favorite Things...

Less then 2 weeks until we move. Time is flying. I'm itching to get back to crafting, but it will be awhile yet. So here are a few of my favorite things.

First of all, the new Summer Squash line from Jillibean Soup. Love the colors!
And then there is the new {ippity} stamps. I love all of them!
Speaking of {ippity}, you have to see this. Emily made this altered book using one of the new stamps and it's adorable! And now she is selling kits that you can purchase to make the book. The best part is that she is cutting out the front of the book for you. It's so tempting to buy this...but I keep reminding myself, I have to move and find a job before I buy another single thing. :)
I hope she doesn't mind me using her picture here, but it's just too cute not to share!
(Also, LOVE the October Afternoon paper she used!)

Okay, that's all for today. Thanks for sticking with me during my transition time!

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Let's Travel Together

I have been browsing through some blogs lately and I have such pretty and fun creations to share with you. So, come travel with me on a little trip through blogland. One of my favorite blogs is Paper in Bloom. She has been using A Muse stamps a lot, which got me curious...I think I see a new stamping company in my future. These are so cute! Here are some cards that she made. Visit her blog and tell her what you think.
And, of course, another favorite of mine is the Jillibean Soup blog. They have a guest designer this month whose creations make my heart go pitter-patter. So go over and take a peek at her blog too. Speaking of Jillibean Soup, Crafty Steals has a grab bag of there stuff on sale today only for a great price. Usually grab bags aren't a great deal in the end, but since there's nothing from Jillibean Soup that isn't cute, you really can't go wrong. I didn't buy it because I refuse to pack any more craft stuff, but it was tempting!

Well that should give you plenty to look at, if you so desire...The countdown is on -- moving day is in 17 days! Time flies!

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Happy Mother's Day

I'm a bad daughter. A bad, bad, daughter. My mom's card sat on the table for awhile for me to mail...it didn't get mailed...Now it's packed in a box somewhere, but I couldn't tell you which box. Oops. So, happy mother's day Mom! Here's your card.
Love you!

And I hope all the other mom's out there are having a great day!
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Looky! Looky!

Look how far I've made it on the packing of the craft room. Maybe I can survive this after all?? :) Here's how it looks now!
I have a poll over on the right side of my blog for you. I'm just wondering what kind of posts you would like to see over the next few weeks while I'm "out of commission."

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An Overwhelming Day

Happy National Scrapbook Day! My blog reader has been flooded today with posts and challenges and all sorts of fun things going on... So I thought I would show you what I'm working on.

PACKING! Wow, am I overwhelmed with all of my stuff! But I'm making progress and the shelves are looking empty...

(Mom and Dad, if you're reading this, remember your tickets are NON-REFUNDABLE!) :)
I have filled two (used) large Priority mail boxes and 1 small one full of stuff that I don't want...mostly paper. How does one accumulate so much paper?! Never mind...I know the answer to that.

So anyway, that's been my day and I'm ready to be done packing! I hope you all enjoyed your weekend!

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