Happy Mother's Day

I'm a bad daughter. A bad, bad, daughter. My mom's card sat on the table for awhile for me to mail...it didn't get mailed...Now it's packed in a box somewhere, but I couldn't tell you which box. Oops. So, happy mother's day Mom! Here's your card.
Love you!

And I hope all the other mom's out there are having a great day!
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  1. The card is just beautiful. The thought was there and she will love it when you find it again. Don't feel so bad, cuz it happen to me too. I was moving my stamping room from upstairs to down stairs and I made sure that it was put aside and I have to find it to mail it. So I'm a bad daughter too. But I did call her and told her it would be in the mail next week. Now I just have to find it. LOL

  2. Beautiful card! I'm sure your mom understands. You are packing to move you know! Things like this happen when your are moving! You love each other that's what counts!

  3. this is a gorgeous card! I am sure your mom will understand - just make her two for next year to make up for it! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex


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