A Birthday Treat...

Remember when you were a kid how excited you were to take a birthday treat into your class? Well, as an adult, I'm still just as excited. It's a chance to do something fun and creative! I was going to make cupcakes, but a boy in the class had a birthday this week too, and he brought cupcakes. Since you can't yell at a kindergartener for stealing your idea :) I decided to take a look on pinterest and see what I could see. I found the cutest idea -- Candy Crayons! I added a crayon box to mine (which I cut out using my Silhouette -- thanks Rachel for helping me find a box!). Each kid got six crayons and the labels all started with the letter of their first name. Here is the blog that I found the crayon wrappers on to download.
I used almond bark to make mine instead of the candy melts. When you add any moisture to almond bark, it seizes up. To loosen it up and make it smooth, just add a bit of vegetable oil. I think this makes them melt (after they harden) more then if you just use candy melts, so keep that it mind. I just didn't want to buy 6 different colors of candy melts to use just a little of each. Here's a few pictures of the finished product. They turned out so cute and the kids and teachers all loved them. However, after seeing all the labels and boxes in the trash can, next year I think I'll just make cupcakes! ;)
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