Just a Little Update

Just thought I'd update you on our moving progress here. It seems to be going along smoothly -- too smooth actually. I'm waiting for something to happen! Most of the house has been packed up. I'm working on the kitchen tonight. Then the bedroom and a few other small things in all the rooms need thrown in boxes. It sure is getting down to the wire! This is how I feel:
(I made this card last year sometime...but it sure is fitting for right now!)

We are wrapping things up here. We've had dinner out with a few different people to say goodbye. Tomorrow is the last Sunday at the church. And Wednesday is the last day for me at work. All the "lasts" here are going to be new "firsts" for us in Wisconsin. And that's exciting! So endings just mean new beginnings...

On a side note...I've set up a twitter account. So if you use twitter, feel free to follow me on there. My username is klt13. 

Hope you're all having a great weekend!

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  1. glad things are going well. I miss chatting with you.

  2. Glad things are going smooth for you. It's really tough to say bye, but it's fun for new beginnings too. I just love your card.

  3. hope all is stilling going well, katy--love the card:)


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