Checking In!

So, I'm here in Wisconsin now. Lost in a sea of boxes and coming up for air once in awhile. It's beautiful here...so I'm trying to enjoy the beauty and not think about the winter. (I don't like snow!). My craft room is full of boxes and isn't even close to being put together. But here's a picture of my new house.
Our cell phone coverage here is spotty, our home phone isn't working correctly, and we only get 5 tv channels (and a whole bunch of shopping channels). We just got the internet working correctly today, so I'm starting to feel a little more connected to the world again. 

Time to get back to those boxes I guess!
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  1. Glad to hear you and your boxes made it! Good luck unpacking. They say tackle just ONE room at a time and it will get done in no time... I was always one to just hope I could get it Done!

  2. YAY you made it! I am familiar with the boxes. I still have some!


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