So....This Is My Space

So, here's my new crafting space. It's not all unpacked yet. It's cramped. I have TOO MUCH STUFF (and yes, indeed I did go to the local scrapbook store yesterday. And yes, I did buy something. Anybody else see a problem with this?!). I do not work well in messiness. I am one of those crafters who cleans up while I craft and completely cleans the table before starting the next project. That's not so feasible here.

Oh well. On to the card. This is a CAS card, but I really like how it turned out.
The leave stamp is from Teresa Collins and is actually a foam stamp. The sentiment is from Unity's April store kit (I just left the "sew" part off.)

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  1. Lovin your new space and your card is so cute.

  2. you have a kool new space ;)

  3. Beautiful card, I have forgotten about foam stamps.

  4. At least the new house has room for a space! Good luck getting back to your happy organization so you can create in harmony! Love the card. It is fabulous. Love how you used a foam stamp!

  5. very creative, leaving off the sew in the stamp! and you have your own craft room-lucky you! i can never find the top of my desk:)

  6. I see no problem with what happened at the craft store!


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