More Believe It or Not "Cratifness"

So sorry it has taken me so long to get back with the second installment of photos from Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum! I have been SO busy since we got back from Florida. Vacation Bible School starts Monday and since I'm the one "in charge," tons of last minute stuff is coming up. I'm sure you all know how that goes. Anyway, here is some more to tide you over until I am able to craft something for myself.
Button Art~this man (Robert Charles Heitmann) loves his buttons!

Three quarter scale model of a Rolls Royce, 1908 Silver Ghost. Made with 1,016,711 matches and 63 pts of glue in 3309 hours! That's dedication!

Trousers created with none other then HUMAN HAIR! Comfy?!?

Speaking of human hair, how about a portrait of Abraham Lincoln created from it?! I wonder if he ever thought his picture would be made out of hair...I'm guessing not! It took 14 years to complete this. The clothes are made from the finest silk and his hair and beard are stitched with real hair.

Here's a little piece of history...an actual piece of the Berlin wall!

And last, but not least, Gum Wrapper Art! This is a depiction of Super Bowl IV made from foil gum wrappers. The details up close really was amazing.

So there you have it! Next time somebody tells you only people with too much time on their hands scrapbooks/makes cards/etc... tell them about these projects!
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  1. Katy, these pic's are too fun! I was showing my son these pictures so we came to your sight a few times...lol!


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