Orange You Sweet

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For those of you that don't know, my husband Jon is a pastor. So usually once or twice a month he gives me a list of people he wants cards sent to and I make them for him. Well, Sunday night at church a very sweet lady named Dorothy told me how much she loves the cards I make and told me I can send her one anytime I want... I was so excited to hear that somebody actually enjoys the cards!

Okay, now unto the card! I made this birthday card last week. I love the orange and how the glitter sparkles!

Happy Birthday from Eat Cake Set (Stampin' Up)
Orange from Tart-n-Tangy set (Stampin' Up)
sweet thing from Cupcakes a'la Yummy (Unity)
Patterned Paper and Ribbon also from Stampin' Up
Brads are Making Memories (I think!)
Glitter is from Doodlebug Pin It Now!

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  1. This is so cute Katy! I am definitely up for Saturday! If Kaden goes to his dad's you can come to my house! I;ll call ya or facebook Friday night OK?!?


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