Summertime Foods and Camping

Splitcoast hosted a VSN over the weekend. VSN stands for Virtual Stamp Night (although it's generally a weekend), and challenges are posted every hour for you to play along. The catch is that you only have 45 minutes to finish each card. For somebody like me who is sloooooow, that's a challenge. Here's the first card I made. It was to be inspired by food in the summertime. I love to have barbecue's in the summer, so I made this card.

The second challenge that I did was to be inspired by camping. Well, you should know -- I hate camping. To me, roughing it would be a Holiday Inn. I also don't feel like something that's used as a table during the day should be a bed at night. But I know there are tons of "crazies" out there that enjoy this activity. ;) So here is my card inspired by this crazy thing called camping.

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  1. Katy, these turned out so lovely! I actually got to play along on Friday and made all but one of the Friday challenges! I love your Summer Nights Lighting and sentiments. So cute! And the camping card is fabulous. Mine was flowers (the splender of nature and all that hoopla!)... Love the rustic coloring!

  2. I saw Camping in the title and had to see if Wisconsin had gotten the best of you! Cute cards!


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