Computer Problems!

I've been having some problems with my computer lately, which has stopped me from posting anything. The wireless card in my laptop just up and quit working. Grrr. Tech support says that they are aware of the problem with that model of laptop, and it would cost $250 to fix it (the laptop was only $300). Grrr (again). So I have to be connected to the dsl modem now to do anything online (which, of course, is in another room and there's nowhere in my craft room to plug it in at). So, I have an old laptop that takes me about an hour to upload and create blog posts on...which means my posting will be sporadic at best until I figure something out! Anyway, after a lot of frustration, I finally have this blog post done!
Here is the card I created for the Limelight sketch challenge.
Hopefully I will have another post for you soon!
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  1. what kind of wireless problem on a laptop costs $250 to fix?? what's the make and model of your notebook? Any error messages?

  2. According to tech support, it's a common problem with the motherboard, so they would have to replace that. There's no error messages, just the light on the computer stays on orange (off) and won't switch to blue (on), when I try and turn it on. It's a Compaq Presario F500. I tried to flash the BIOS system like tech support recommended, I've uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers. I was checking online and a lot of people who had the problem said even usb wifi adapters don't work.

  3. I love your card Katy! I love the sentiment. I am working on getting my stamps used so I should bring that kit back out! I am sorry for the computer problems. You could always plug in to the DSL modem long enough to post! That way we can enjoy your handy work and you won't have as much frustration! Just sayin! We miss you sometimes!
    Good luck.

  4. Love the sentiment on this great card!!! Hope the computer is fixed quickly.


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