Do You Hear Crickets Chirping?

It hasn't been THAT long since I blogged... I mean, some people go for months! But I thought since it's been a few days, I would update you one what I've been up to. For one thing, reading! I have read some good books these last few weeks. And then there's this other new hobby I've picked up. Sewing. I have a love/hate relationship with it. And it takes a lot longer for me to actually finish anything then it does when I'm making a card. I am working on a purse/bag as a gift for a little girl. I just have to finish the handles and the closure, then I will be able to show you the whole thing. I've also been working on a quilt...and guess what? I get to redo pretty much everything I already started with that because I messed up the squares (it's my first attempt at a quilt). So that will be a LONG TIME before I show you! But you can see the pieces below. Tomorrow I am hoping to get crafty with the ink and stamps. Today I was browsing around at Limelight because they are closing and had a cart full of stuff...and then I realized I hadn't used what I got last week, so I emptied it (sadly) and didn't buy a thing. Anyway, here's a picture of my latest endeavors...

And for those of you who are interested, I am having a giveaway at my Artfire store, Pieces of Me. All you need to do is look around my store, then send me a link of your favorite card on my Facebook fan page or send me a tweet @klt13. Then you'll be entered to win the card that you choose. Easy! Hopefully I'll have some more crafty goodness to show you soon.

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