Candy Cane Holder (and winner)

Today I have a fun project to share. I cut out these adorable little stockings using my Silhouette. Then I stitched around the sides to close them up. I stuffed them with polyester stuffing to puff them out. Then I added some Liquid Applique to make the tops puffy. I wanted to embellish them a little more, but I have pretty much run out of time (my Christmas cards are still not finished!). I am going to put a candy cane in each of these and give them to my kids at school. I love how they turned out!

I wrote the kids names in Stickles at the top of the stocking. I smudged them in the picture on purpose (not sure if I needed to, but just to be safe!). They are NOT smudged in person...okay, yes they are, but only a little. You all know that I hate Stickles, right? :) Imagine that there is a candy cane in there, I haven't bought them yet.
And the winner of my blog candy was Karen B. also enduring the freezing cold state of Wisconsin with me! Email me your address and I'll mail your stamp. katytipton at yahoo dot com.

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  1. Cute little stocking, and thank you! I've sent an email to you.

  2. Katy, These are adorable!! Your creations are all very unique! Love them! Your scousin Becky :)


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