A Fungi Story

My dad tells bad jokes. You know the kind I'm talking about. The ones that make you groan. We call them "Al Jokes" (that's my dad's name). Growing up, whenever we heard a bad joke we'd say "That's an Al-joke!" So when my dad told this joke, I knew it would be bad (it was), and I knew it would stick with me (it did). Here goes (is your groan ready?).

A woman announces to her friend that she is getting married for the fourth time.
"How wonderful! But I hope you don't mind me asking what happened to your first husband?"
"He ate poisonous mushrooms and died."
"Oh, how tragic! What about your second husband?"
"He ate poisonous mushrooms, too, and died."
"Oh, how terrible! I'm almost afraid to ask you about your third husband."
"He died of a broken neck."
"A broken neck?"
"He wouldn't eat the mushrooms."
{insert rim shot here}
So, in honor of my dad (who I am pretty sure doesn't read my blog), I have a mushroom card that I made for the caardvarks challenge to make a card with both the outside and inside decorated. Who knows, maybe I'll even send him the card...since he is such a FUN-GI! :)

And just so you know, I do often threaten my husband with mushrooms...or else. ;)
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  1. such a funny post, katy! your card is perfect for the joke! happy halloween!

  2. Too funny Katy! I love it! I hope you do send the card to your dad... If he enjoys those bad jokes, I am sure he will enjoy the punny sentiment! Very cute card!

  3. You dad will love this beautiful card. Love how you stamped the sentiment on the inside :)

  4. Too funny! Cute way to show your Dad you appreciate his humor.

  5. Too funny and I'm sure your dad loved this card! This is awesome Katy!


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