A Fall Card on a Springy Day

It is a beautiful day here in Wisconsin! 63 degrees and sunny. It was a perfect day to do a little yard work. My project that I'm working on is to transform this patio area behind our house:

into something a little more "open" feeling. So I dug up all the flowers and herb plants. I dug up weeds. I dug up a tree that was going to start growing underneath the foundation of the garage if it didn't get moved (and by I, in this case I mean, Jon). And this is what I have now:

I would like to tell you that no plants were harmed in this process...but I'm not sure I can say that. I can say that no plants were intentionally harmed though. :) And they were all given away to good homes, so no worries there. I planted some tulips and crocus bulbs. I really want daffodils but can't find them anywhere. Now comes the hard part...waiting for spring! I'm crossing my fingers that it looks pretty. :) Either way, I think it looks a lot more open.

Okay, now for the reason you came to my blog. My card. This was for the Limelight sketch challenge and the focus was to use Halloween or fall colors.
I hope everybody has a safe and enjoyable Halloween! We are doing Trunk-or-Treat at our church, so we will be decorating our car trunk tomorrow and passing out candy to the kids in the neighborhood. (If you're in Baraboo come on by!) It's my favorite Halloween thing to do (well besides eating the candy that I'm supposed to be passing out! HA!)

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  1. after a long cold winter, you'll love the new flowers! sweet challenge card! thanks for playing!

  2. How ADORABLE!!! Great job with the patio so far, too, and I hope Trunk or Treat went well!!


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