So I was playing around on my blog yesterday...accidentally lost the template I had... Went to Template Mama to get it back and it's GONE. So... what do you think of the new blog?? It's a little bit too pink and purply for my taste, but it's cute...right? This, my blogger friends, is a prime example of why you should back up your blog BEFORE you even "play around." Not sure why I feel the need to tell you this, except for that I'm frustrated with myself and thought you should know that there IS a reason for yet ANOTHER blog design change. Yes, I admit that I love changing my blog a lot...but not this often! :)

Well, anyway, Merry Christmas Eve Eve to all!
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  1. Sorry to hear that it's gone, but love the new look.

  2. So....how DO I back up a blog?!!!!

  3. Yeah, how do I "back up" my blog? I like the new look though, and now you aren't copying Martha!

  4. To back up your blog you can do one of two things:

    Go to the edit html tab under layout and download the full template.

    Or you can copy and paste all your html into a notepad document. It has to be Notepad because it doesn't convert the html like other word processing programs.

    Help that helps! :)


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