Pretzels, Pretzels, and Pretzels, OH MY!

Every year at Christmas, I make treat bags for everybody at our church. Last year I made Oreo balls, buckeyes, and cheesecake brownies. This year, I was on a tighter budget and the idea of being in the kitchen that long wasn't appealing to me. So, after a lot of debating about what I was going to do, I found these adorable Christmas shaped pretzels and decided to dip them in chocolate. Easy, right? Ha. Well, ok, yes they were easy. But time-consuming for sure. I also didn't realize dipping your own pretzels was all the rage this year, until I received gift after gift of dipped pretzel sticks. So look at me, I'm TRENDY! Haha. Well in case you are thinking of doing this, let me give you some advice:

~If your husband wants to help, let him. He will get in the way. But it's probably worth it in the end.
~There are a LOT more pretzels in those bulk containers then one first thinks.~White chocolate chips are a lot harder to use then chocolate. The white chocolate are prettier, but the chocolate hides more mistakes
~When your husband tells you that you need more chocolate and you assure him you have enough...you better have enough! I tried a 5 loaves/2 fish miracle...It didn't work. I heard about it.
~Expect that not everybody is going to appreciate your hard work. So eat a few pretzels yourself and enjoy it!

Not counting pretzels we ate or that broke, we made a total of 510! We made 85 gift bags (which included 4 chocolate pretzels, 2 white chocolate pretzels, 4 plain pretzels, and a handful of M&M's). And we also made 10 gift bags with just plain pretzels and M&M's in case any crazies that don't like pretzels in chocolate were in attendance on Sunday.

Thanks for listening to my rambling on about my project! It took me (with help from my husband!) about 6 hours to dip all the pretzels! Oh and be sure to use a fork!

The tags are from Cute and Curly (SU!) cut out with the coordinating punch and So Many Scallops (SU!) also punched with the coordinating punch.
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  1. Holy yumminess! What a wonderful thing you have done! I bet everyone at church will ♥ you for these delicious treats! Thanks for sharing!

  2. quite the project! Looks yummy. And you are SO trendy :)


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