Photo Scavenger Hunt for Limelight

For the Limelight challenge photo scavenger hunt
1. Mismatched Socks. YIKES~remember when this was cool?!?
2. Here's my card using no ribbon -- it was hard to find!

3. This is my most favorite drink. I suggest not talking to me until I have had my Diet Coke for the day...and that's usually not until noon. (I'm not a morning person - hehe)

4. An image that starts with the first letter of your name - "K" This is a kennel in Alaska that my husband visited last year.

5. Sidewalk Chalk Art (by Julian Beever) Insanely realistic!!

6. These goggles very well may be the funniest thing I can find!

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  1. I have Sept if that makes a difference

  2. Great pictures!!! I love that sidewalk art, and that IS a cute, funny picture!! :) Glad you played; good luck! :)


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