Hot Wax....OUCH!

I saw some cool candles over on SCS and just had to try it out. These are so easy and so cute! HOWEVER, overheating causes the wax to drip...and hot wax can hurt. On the positive side, I now have a very smoothly waxed thumb. HA! I am working out some kinks with the box still. I used different sized candles then the tutorial, so I am working on making a different size box...Measuring is so NOT my thing! And here's the tutorial if you want to try it out (and you DO!)

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  1. Katy, I love your candles! They are so sweet. I love the stamp you chose too. They turned out great. Don't you tink you need to wax your other fingers so they match your thumb?

  2. Wow Katy, I love the image you choose to put on your candles! I have the KOM image that is similar and just might have to try that! Love it! If you let me know the size of your candles, I can try to help with your box configuration. It looks great so far!


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