The Headless Scrapbooker -- First Ever Video!

Here's the story...my friend Krista wanted to know how I tied my ribbon onto my cards. I tried to explain it to her. She laughed at me. So I told her I would show her. Well, I decided that I was having a pretty awful hair day and not to mention a pimple the size of Jupiter, so a video was out...Unless I cut off my head...and called myself the headless scrapbooker. Hehe. I think I'm funny. Others do not. Oh well. So here is the FIRST EVER installment of the Headless Scrapbooker showing you how I tie my ribbon into a knot before putting it on my card. This very well may be the LAST EVER installment too...So enjoy. Don't worry if you laugh..you're laughing WITH me, not AT me. :)

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  1. Thank you for your instructional video. It was enlightening. I will watch it over and over. Please continue with this fabulous series. ;) Hey now I'll be able to tie a knot! Loved it.

  2. I just wanted to update you. I tried this technique last night and um maybe I have 2 left hands or something because I could not get a knot tied on that loop of ribbon for the life of me! I made up my own technique though: I looped the ribbon around my leg and then I tied the knot on top and then pushed the ribbon around so the knot was at the bottom and cut the ribbon at the opposite side. Genious, huh? LOL I will have to try your way again though, because I got interrupted while I was trying it. :)

  3. Great video Katy, you must be a Boy Scout Mom, ha ha! I really enjoyed your video. ~Diane

  4. I love the video Katy. It was awesome... do you think you will continue with the headless scrapbooker series? You could show us all sorts of techniques!


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