Jackpot! Score! Walking on Sunshine!

Call it whatever you want, but I got some major loot tonight at the used stamp sale at Stampers Ink in Shawnee, KS. A big thank you to whoever it was who sold these stamps so nice and cheap especially for me! These sets are all in good condition, with most of them looking like they have never even been used! There was soooooo much more there that I could have bought, but I had to stick to a reasonable budget.
Here's a quick run-down of what I got (and I've included the original retail price just because I'm curious)!
Cornish Heritage Farms:
Christmas Critters ($16.99)
Twink the Owl ($4.89)
Manger Scene ($7.29)
Grid Paper Background ($11.99)
FourSquare (I can't find this online or a price for it)

Lizzie Anne Designs:
Sketched Sentiments ($19.99)

Stampin' Up:
Journaling Fun (Retired...going on ebay for between $7-$10)

PSX Stamps:
With Great Love (I couldn't find this one online either)

So the grand total of my stamps would have been: $68.15 (not including the two I couldn't find a price for)

My price: ?!? I'm not telling! hehe But it was less :)
Thanks for enjoying my super finds with me and I can't wait to show you what I make! And if you're wondering about the goal I set for myself, where I couldn't buy anything until I made 50 projects...Well...I decided since these were USED stamps and I said I couldn't buy anything NEW, I could get away with it. Hush. Let me live in denial and just enjoy my stamps. :)

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  1. ahhh now I want to know for how much!!!

  2. Katy: you are too funny! I love how much you got not NEW! Thou I am curious now as to how much you really did spend! Looks like you are going to be having some fun in the coming weeks!

  3. You are so funny!! I like how you rationalize. Just like I would, actually. Congrats on the awesome haul.


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