My Lair...Enter At Your Own Risk

Last year the youth group wanted to make Valentine's cards, so I invited them over. When they came inside one of the girls said, it's like your own little....LAIR! I loved it! So this is my scrapbooking lair and I thought I would share it with you. It's definitely cluttered, but that is because I like to have everything within reach. But I try to keep it an "organized chaos" if you know what I mean! :)
This is some storage that just has my scrapbooks, extra adhesive, and things that I don't use all the time. So they don't need to be in reach. Also, there is one of my ribbon racks.
This is more of my storage. And my spice jars that hold ribbon.
This is one of my most favorite purchases. This ribbon rack is a wire cd rack that we turned sideways. We found it at Menards for $5. All of the "hardware" was missing so it was on clearance. Love good finds like that! Above that is some more ribbon storage. You see that I LOVE my ribbon!
Here is where I actually scrap at. I like having an "L" shape so that everything I need is within reach. I also have a rolling cart that holds some stuff that I use, so when that is next to me, technically I have a "U" shape. :) The two baskets on the end are both full of Unity. There is also a binder next to the baskets that has all my Unity sentiments in it. (you can see it another picture below)
Close up of my wood mounted Unity stamps.
The shelves behind me have my remaining SU! sets that I still occassionaly use. Also there is a microwave cart with my Silhouette and laptop.
This is the table that helps make my "L" shape. It has my trimmer(s), patterned paper, ink pads, and embellishments.
A full view of the stamping space.
My stuff is all hodge-podged together. Jon and I have moved a lot, and sometimes storage in one apartment or house didn't work well in another. So I save it and put it in my lair. That makes everything look different, but it's better then going out and spending money I don't have. I would love to have a room that all matches some day, but for now, this works for me!
Well, hope you enjoyed the tour of my lair! Now it's time to show me yours! Post a link in my comment section to pictures of your special stamping space so I can see! :)
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  1. Wow Katy. That is a lot of ribbon! I should take pictures too, if I EVER get the top of my desk found!

  2. how kool, which I had all this space ;)


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