I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaaaack! (for a day!)

Just a few vacation pictures to share with you. I won't bore you with them all! I'm off to Louisville for work for the next week, so no posts again from me for awhile...
I PROMISE I do have blog candy to give away and will do it when I get back from Kentucky. So be sure to follow me and tell your friends. I want this blog candy to be for my followers, not complete strangers...but if they are your friends, they may be strange, but they aren't strangers! Hehe!

This is the teeny tiny cabin we stayed in. It's SO cute. It was one room, with a kitchenette and bathroom. The bathroom was non-negotiable for me. If Jon wanted me to camp, there WOULD be a bathroom. :)

This was the view...there is a lake there...it's teeny tiny too. It was soggy most of the time we were there.
And since it was soggy, I got to go shopping!! This is from a little store we found outside of Kansas City called Stampers Ink. A store FULL of stamps!! I was like a kid in a candy store. No Unity there though. :( But I found these great new stamps that I've never seen before. They are from Studio 490. I'm mostly excited about the HUGE background stamp. Although I don't have an acrylic block it will fit on...Oops! Also, I got that small set of blocks WITH grids for only $5. :)I'll be back soon....with CANDY! Have a great week!
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