R.I.P. My Little Cuttlebug

It's a sad sad day today. My cute little green cuttlebug has bit the dust...bought the farm...cashed in it's chips....kicked the bucket...dead as a doornail...Enough with the clĂ­ches, I know! I was innocently running a die through my little bug, when the side blew off (it did not pop off it literally went flying) and it cuts and embosses no more. Jon tried to give it CPR but there was no saving. So take a moment of silence for my little bug. May it rest in peace! Pin It Now!


  1. Oh No Katy!!! I dont know what I would do without mine! I hope Michaels has a 50 percent coupon for you soon to replace your 'bug!

  2. LOL! The broken plate was a sign of the end! Now you can get a big shot!

  3. Oh good grief, are you ok? I would be sitting in a corner weeping STILL if this had happened to me! Hugs!


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