Chris Tomlin Concert!

The concert was pretty good! It was nice to have a night out with Jon for a change! Things around here have been pretty crazy lately. Jon has been at the hospital so much they know him better then I do, I think. Friday night we were going to have an "us" night and just unwind...pizza and a movie. Simple! But, of course, he got a call and he had to be at the hospital. So, Monday night I decided I wanted to go to the concert. I asked him if he thought he could get away and he said yes! So our seats weren't awesome, but they were facing the stage, they were just kind of high up. I could see and hear just fine, the pictures just aren't the greatest! Of course, we had been at the concert about 5 minutes when his phone rang... somebody else was in the hospital and they wanted him there. He told them he would visit them this morning but wasn't able to make it last night. It was so nice to have a night with him!

Anyway, on to the concert. I'm not a HUGE concert fan. I can pretty much tell you every concert I've been to, and it's not many. But I've been to enough to know that all christian concerts have about a 15 minute "please help this cause" segment. The one last night went for over 30 minutes! I was disappointed...It kind of ruined the flow of the concert. The first half was great, but after the "speech" everything was kind of... blah. Of course, I could sing all night so I kept cheering right along with everybody else! Probably my favorite part of the concert was when he sang the chorus to "How Great Is Our God" in a few other languages and people in the arena sang along. It was just a small section of people that knew the language and it was beautiful. I also surprisingly liked the band that opened for them - Israel Houghton and New Breed. I hadn't really heard them before, but apparently they write the songs that a lot of people sing at church Sunday morning...(not us! we're still stuck in the 60's). Who knew!! I enjoyed them a lot. ALMOST bought a CD. That's pretty good for me. :)

The video is of the encore. Ignore any awful singing in the background...it must have been the person next to me! ;)

I have tons more pictures on my facebook page if you so desire:

Oh! One more story (yes I'm aware, this is the world's longest blog post!!). This was too funny though. The guy sitting next to me (who later moved behind me because it was completely empty behind us) was a middle-aged white guy.... who thought he was a gospel-singin' lady! I kid you not! He kept trying to sing "Mmm-hmmm" when they were praying. You know what I mean if you've ever gone to a gospel concert, an African American church, or even watched it on tv :) And then when he didn't know the words he just kept going "ohhh ohhh ohhh" in a really high pitch, I want to be a gospel singing Aretha Franklin type sound... only it didn't sound too good. Once I busted up laughing and had to bury my head...Jon had no idea what was so funny because he couldn't hear it, until he moved behind us... LOL! This is a had to be there story, but funny none-the-less!
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  1. Sounds like you had fun! Glad you and John were able to get away together for a bit!


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