I Fondue, Do You?

I have a fondue pot that is similar to this one.
I got it for Christmas one year during one of those parties where you exchange gifts. I was SO excited. It looked SO cool. I took it home, looked at the box, then put it away. When we moved, I decided to bring it with me (since it was SO cool). Then we moved again. And again. And again. (4 times to be exact). It moved with me every time. I had never opened the box. However I just felt like this fondue pot was much too cool to give away. Move #5 came and I put my foot down...kinda. I moved it with us. And I decided if I didn't use it before we move again (which hopefully isn't for a long time), I would give it away. Well, we moved to Wisconsin about 10 months ago, and guess what finally happened?? I opened the fondue box, I invited some friends over, and we USED it! And I was right. It was SO cool! So here is what I learned about fondue:
1) A "true" fondue meal consists of three courses -- cheese, meat, dessert.
2) I am much too lazy to clean the pot after each course, so I improvised and we really only used the pot for the meat course. It worked well for us. The cheese course I made in a bread bowl (DELICIOUS!) The second course was meat, which I used the pot for. And the third course, dessert, I used my crock pot.
3) The meat course is so yummy. I used this recipe, Fondue Bourguignonne (nope, can't pronounce it). The main point of the meat course is the dipping sauces. This was the hardest part for me -- finding good sauces. Some worked, some didn't. But it's fun to try new sauces!
4) The dessert fondue seized up in my crock pot. Next time, I'll probably leave it on low using a double boiler on the stove top. It was still delicious, it just wasn't that dippable (which is kind of the point of a fondue).
So...if you have a fondue pot that you have never used. Or if you have thought about fonduing...GO! Fondue it up! You won't regret it.
*Fondue pot shown is My Perfect Kitchen™ Stainless Steel Lazy Susan Fondue Set.
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  1. That looks delicious!! I have used a chocolate fountain for showers and such but never a true "fondue" meal. I will have to check out your recipes! Have a great day Katy - I miss chatting with you. I guess you made it through the Wisconsin winter!


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