A Bit of a Redesign

If you tried to visit my blog this past week or so, you may have gotten a message that said "YOU'RE NOT ALLOWED TO READ THIS!" (okay, so I'm paraphrasing -- it was more politically correct, I think). Well that's because I have been hard at work revamping my blog. I know what you're thinking..."Ummm. Katy. It looks almost exactly the same as it did before. Are you sure you remembered to press save after making all those changes??" Why, yes. Yes I did. I know it doesn't look a whole lot different on the outside, but the content is going to change just a tiny little bit...and I felt like it would be a good time to change up a few things. However, I really really really love my blog header (thanks Shabbyblogs.com) and even though I'd had it forever and a day, I'm still not ready to part with it. So I left it, which in turn, meant a lot of the design elements will be staying the same also. So here's a quick rundown on the reason for the content change and what to expect:
1) I have an Artfire store. Soon I hope to have an Etsy store too. We will see how that progresses. My store is called Pieces of Me. I really wished that I would have named it the same as my blog for a better cohesiveness. I didn't really want to change my blog name and redirect traffic and you can't change your Artfire store name. So I decided to integrate the two. You can check out my store here, if you so desire. My blog will in NO WAY become a promotion of my store. I will rarely even mention it from here on out. But that's why I changed up my header a little bit. It's more of an FYI then a sales pitch. Promise.

2) I often have the desire to share more then just stamping...but felt my blog somewhat limited that, seeing as that I had been promoting it has a papercrafting blog. So from now on, you'll see a little bit more of my other hobbies -- mainly sewing and baking. It will still be mainly a papercrafting blog, but I'm just warning you that a little more variety will be coming your way. I have a book review blog that is separate from this blog -- it will remain separate. However, there's a link over in the sidebar if you're interested in that.

3) Last of all...I have been lacking motivation to do anything in my craft room. So my choice is to either pack it up and sell it all or get my rear in gear. So, maybe a new blog format will do just that. We will see!

And now...for those of you who were nice enough to stick through to the end...I have a giveaway!! Comment on this post, follow my blog, send me an email, a facebook post, a tweet, or whatever telling me what you think about the new blog. I have an Itty Bitty rubber stamp from Unity Stamp Co. that could be yours!
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  1. Looks very nice Katy and I am liking your little navigation bar at the top to take you just to sewing and such... I was wondering about the NO YOU CANNOT READ MY BLOG message. I was afraid I got kicked out of your blogging world!

  2. Love your blog Katy!! I like how you added the links at the top to direct you to your various sites. You have beautiful creations to give it all up. You will find your motivation again!!

    Marcy H.

  3. I love it!!!! Looks great!!!

  4. it looks great! love the page buttons at the top-thats a great idea!


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