Apparently I'm a Little Too Dramatic

Maybe you noticed this in the last post? I write for effect...I wasn't literally crying about the snow or anything. I will survive the winter. No worries. There is one thing that I love/hate about winter though. That's wearing sweaters and sweatshirts. I love being all cuddled up in a comfy sweater. What I hate though is when I have to put on a coat over the top of them. Let's just say I'm big enough without all the layers...add the coat and I have a serious oomp-a-loomp-a problem. I look like I could do some serious damage to some bowling pins. I better not bend down when standing on top of a hill... You get my drift. Big and round. :) Someday I will figure out how to be warm and stylish. Until then... I have a card! I am really loving the Cosmo Cricket Mitten Weather paper. I really like the non-traditional colors for Christmas cards.

P.S. The snow didn't stick, the sun is shining and it's pretty nice today! YAY!
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  1. you are cracking me up! i feel the exact same way about sweatshirts under coats:) you do lovely non tradional colors on your card--this one is darling:)


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