A Love So Great

"A love so great it held the Son of God on the cross when He could have freed himself with a word…One plea to His Father, and the cross would have crumbled into splinters, and He would have escaped into heaven…But instead He bore the unbearable and died an ugly and horrible death so that we wouldn’t live only a few years, but instead would live forever, with Him, in His kingdom.

That’s how big God’s love is. That’s how much he loves us, every one of us. There isn’t any part of our lives that He doesn’t know about or care about. If you’re ever tempted to think God has forgotten you or simply does not care, remember the cross. That’s how much He cares. How much more proof of His love do you need?"

(I would like to credit the author, but I'm not sure who it is!!)

May we all take a moment to remember the true meaning of Easter while we are enjoying our Easter eggs and candy... if it weren't for a love so great, there would be no reason to celebrate!

Happy Easter,


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