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Another trend that I enjoy is vinyl! It's such a nice and cheap way to decorate your home. Years ago when I bought my Silhouette, I justified it because it cuts vinyl. Last year (only took about 4 years), I decided that maybe I should try cutting vinyl since that's one of the reasons I bought it. Here are some of the places I found to stick my vinyl to.

 First, is one of my scrapbooking cabinets. I used the 3 branch tree by Lori Whitlock. (Silhouette Store)
 Next, is a saying I have in my craft room above some cabinets. This is one of my favorites. I used Count Your Blessings by Loni Stevens and Antique Flourish by Lori Whitlock. (Also both from the Silhouette store)
 Here is my sewing area. I just have a small flower here. Simple, but sweet. (Flower Stalk by Jamie Koay, Silhouette store)
Here is a picture frame that I made, and then the close up of the vinyl. This one I'm frustrated with because as soon as I put the vinyl down, the glass picked it up and it's crooked! I haven't found a way to fix it yet without moving every letter individually. Moral of the story -- don't let the vinyl touch the glass until you are absolutely ready! (Family Subway Art by Ginny Nilson, Silhouette store)
This is a shelf in my entryway. It usually has candles on it, but I took down my Christmas ones and haven't replaced them yet. Anyway, it's another simple and sweet one. (Flourish from Silhouette store)
 And last but not least is my Bible verse that is above my store in the kitchen. This one I bought from Hobby Lobby from DCWV. I just put this one up yesterday. I love love love it.

So there is some craftiness I've been doing (and has been done for awhile). What do you think of the vinyl craze? I think I still have a few walls and picture frames that could use a little something extra! I love my Silhouette for cutting out the vinyl, but the store bought vinyl (such as the DCWV) is really cost effective as well (Hobby Lobby often has 50% off sales.)

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