'Tis the Season for...

Sporadic blogging (whoops!), cookouts, fireworks, and my favorite -- strawberries! I made this Strawberry Crumb pie last night. I'm not a pie maker. Honestly, I have never made a pie crust before in my life. This was a little ambitious of me and it took a long time. The pie is very tart. It must be served with ice cream and/or whipped cream. I wouldn't be able to eat a whole slice without it (but who would want to anyway, right?!). I got the recipe from the June/July issue of the Food Network Magazine. You can find the recipe on their website. Add a little more sugar or a little less lemon juice to the filling. Trust me, you'll thank me for it. I made mine in a 9" spring form pan. It worked just fine. Although I would suggest putting a cookie sheet under it. I have to clean my oven this afternoon. :)
I hope everybody is enjoying their summer. I will be back soon with more blog posts. :)
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