A Farewell to Blogging

Do you have a blog in your blog reader that out of the blue there are no more posts on? (I mean besides mine). And it makes you wonder what happened? I have a few of those and I'm always curious to know if life just got busy or if they quit crafting or what. So even though I have only a few followers, I thought I would be nice and share what is going on. In a word -- nothing. Ever since we moved to Wisconsin (2 years ago!), my crafting has been less and less. I have been working numerous different jobs, but I think I have finally found one that will stick! (knock on wood, right?). So maybe this change (with a little stability?) will help me get back to the crafting world? I still love looking at all the blogs in my reader and even like looking at all the crafty stores. I even occasionally buy something -- but that's about where it stops. If you have any hints to get me back to crafting, let me know! But until then, it's a farewell to blogging.
Thanks for sticking with me through the years and for all the nice comments and encouragement!
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