Ribbon and Trims

Today I have a few cards that qualify for the Clear It Out challenge to use ribbon or trims on your projects. First, I needed a birthday card for a boy turning 10. Ten is about the age where a boy turns into almost a full panic mode when anything remotely girly is near them. You know how girls scream at snakes? That's how boys scream at ribbon. Okay, I'm generalizing a little bit -- but for the boy I made this card for, it's true. He does NOT like girly things. So I tried my very best to make a plain, no frills card for him. Instead of ribbon, I used some twine.
I also needed a sympathy card. So I made this card using some of my favorite May Arts ribbon.
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  1. Fabulous boy card Katy! How funny that he would have a fit if you used Ribbon! Love your second card. I hate having to make sympathy cards, but yours looks awesome!

  2. hey Katy, both cards are amazing. Thanks so much for joining us this week :)


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